The Best Way to Find Cheap Flights

By | Aug 2, 2011

Want to have a perfect holiday? Start by finding the cheapest flights on offer to your favourite destination. All of us need to travel,some for a family vacation, some for a business trip and some for a perfect honeymoon. Here are some guidelines that will help you find the best deals and being light on your pocket too!
Booking a travel package is one of the ways to save money,offering you cheap flight tickets along with car rentals and hotel accommodation, and travelling in a group makes it even cheaper!

Planning in advance helps you save a lot of money,waiting till the last moment to book flights is a bad decision because rates shoot up a week or two before the date of travel, as the seats get booked. Plan atleast 3 months beforehand.
The recent boom in the travel industry has made things easier with so many travel packages and offers,number of travel portals offering best deals to keep up with the competition and whether its a small or big player in the field all have the best rates to offer for the traveller.
Comparing prices is the most important step in finding the best deal. Checking up the various websites and finding the best and cheapest flight suiting your timings and not trusting your travel agent blindly helps save a lot of money. Just jump on the best deal you see and not waste time thinking whether to book or not,it wont be available for long!

Booking online is the best way because of the various options one can find to choose from. Next step is to keep your options open for the departure and return dates you are travelling on. Usually weekends are busy and rates are higher starting Friday,if you aren’t in a hurry choose weekdays. Tuesday to Friday are the best days because Mondays are days for business travellers.

Taking red eye or night flights turns out to be much more cheaper than regular flights.
Travelling with children and seniors can help you get discounts if applicable as it is with some airlines.
Its wise to take connecting flights if you have ample time at hand,especially via smaller airports as many airlines offer cheaper tickets than direct flights.

Sometimes the prices can go down after getting your tickets booked,feel free to call up your airline and inquire as many airlines give you a price guarantee that they will match any fare difference.
Make it a memorable vacation with your loved ones without having to wait for hours trying to grab cheap tickets with so many travel portals available.


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