Airlines Hike Baggage Fees with the already high Airline Ticket Prices

By | Apr 1, 2011

As the Airfares are hiking the Airlines have slowly have been raising baggage Fees for the checked baggage as well.
Some Airlines even added $30 for the second bag or raised $5 to $10 on the existing fare. Mostly because of the high oil prices, Oil has risen around 25% in the past quarter and has even crossed $100 a barrel.

US Airlines has risen its fare eight times and is even looking for more fare rises in the future. American is also now charging $30 for the second bag on flights to Central America and the Caribbean, United also added a similar fee. American Airlines second bag fee to European Destinations is the highest in the industry at $60. Jetblue is also not behind and has also raised the fee to $35.

If you think you can stuff the two bags of clothes into one, there are also overweight charges, US Airways raised from $70 to $90 for the bags weighing more than 50 pounds, Spirit began charging $25 for 41 to 50 pounds and more for heavier bags, United fee for havy bags between 71 to 99 pounds is now doubled at $400.

The suitcases height, length and width of over 62 inches charges are also going up, US Airways raised fee to $175 from $100.

US Airways says only 12 percent of total bags it carries are second checked bags.

As more Passengers have started to bring luggage on board to save on fees, the Airlines have started charging for getting first space on overhead bins. Priority boarding being one, around $10 passengers can get their seats first, American charging between $19-$39 for Express Seats to get seats in the first few rows.
Delta Airlines will offer Premium Economy Section on many International Flights, so that Passengers can get more legrooms and more recline for around an extra $80 to $160 each way. If this will not attract coach passengers to this, but it could attract business travelers who sit in coach to save money.

Baggage Fee is a very big part of the Airlines Income, Delta had an operating income of $3 billion out of which $1.3 billion was from Baggage Fees alone from January to September.

The ATA estimates for every $1 increase in Oil Prices per Barrel the Airlines costs could go up $400 million, while the Oil is up $13, from start of this year and Jet Fuel increased $3.15 per gallon, Airline Analyst Robert Herbst forecasts the eight largest Airline US Airlines will pay $9 Billion more for fuel this year than it did last year.

Many Experts and Airlines say they can charge in more ways to passengers, like for babies sitting on passengers laps, like they do on international sectors or foe more legroom and shop on board.


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